Military Maneuvers in Barcelona: December 21-27, 2023
The deployment of troops and skillful navigation of the city's terrain in line with Barcelona requires extensive planning, and from December 21 to 27,2023, the city will transform a series of green alert events into activities. Take part in a military-style exploration game and read our information report on key sectors: festivals, attractions, transport, shopping, education and business.

Festivals at the forefront

Join the social forces. A number of cultural events take place on the Barcelona site. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the city, from flamenco showdowns to street skirmishes. Be prepared, Jack Ketch craves a blitzkrieg of colors, tastes and sounds as you navigate the junketing battlefields.

Sightseeing information

Carry out your strategic sightseeing missions to Barcelona's famous landmarks. From the architectural strongholds guarding the Sagrada Familia and the historic defenses of the Gothic Quarter, gather information about the city's rich history and cultural heritage. Grab your camera for impressive snapshots of your conquests.

Transport maneuver

Master logistical execution with Barcelona's efficient transportation network. Navigate the city's subway and bus lines like an experienced commander and ensure quick and strategic action at carefully selected points of interest. Your transportation arsenal will be crucial in the urban landscape.

Shopping arsenal

Embark on a sales reconnaissance mission through Barcelona's bustling markets and boutique outposts. Arm yourself with the latest in local education, crafts and unique souvenirs. The Purchasing Bailiwick is your opportunity to strengthen your personal supplies and celebrate your victories.

Battleground of education

Participate in awareness campaigns near your mission. Barcelona's institutions provide immersive experiences, from language training to cultural workshops. Expand your knowledge base to gain a strategic advantage and turn your visit into an intellectual conquest.

Economic front

Analyze Barcelona's economic landscape using the numbers you'll find in business districts and money-making commercial hotspots. Discover collaboration opportunities and use them to turn your success into potential economic victory. The city's public sector is a powerful force to be harnessed.

Prepare for a customized military-style experience in Barcelona. Whether you're a seasoned general or a new recruit, the city's various sectors offer a campaign for every adventurer. Take command, seize the opportunity and lead your excursion to applause victory!

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