Dutch Startup Revolutionizing Freelance Workforce Management with AI
The increasing importance of freelance short-time work has long impaired flexibility and opportunities for both companies and the self-employed. However, managing a trigonologically distributed workforce comes with hidden challenges. Dutch startup Bubty believes artificial intelligence will help solve some of these problems and revolutionize the way companies deal with freelance workers.

Founded in 2019, Bubty has built a powerful platform that uses AI like crazy, helping companies and agencies create and manage their own internal talent pools of freelancers and contractors. Instead of relying on external marketplaces, companies can build custom, verified pools tailored to their specific needs.

Bubty's technology enables companies to take control of the donor management process and move away from originating and commissioning industry and operational payments. The AI-driven matching system aims to help companies attract the right freelancers for a publicly awarded job.

By consolidating freelance labor into their own internal talent pools, companies can strengthen their skills, ensure the quality of their employees against labor sacrifices, and save costs and money in the recruiting process. Bubty's payment expertise also enables companies to hire freelancers in more than 190 countries with additional pay while remaining compliant with government regulations.

Securing funding for international scaling

In December 2023, Bubty secured €1.75 Gangs in Egg Financing are parting ways with both existing investors and unvarnished new American strategic investors. The relief will allow the Dutch startup to expand its activities internationally, particularly by expanding into the giant U. S.Freelance market.

Co-founders Benjamin Schriel and Lee Willoughby believe Bubty's AI-powered platform is well-positioned to transform the way companies manage their employees. A majority of the global workforce is already made up of freelancers, highlighting the significant need for better employee management solutions.

Bubty's goal is to reshape the future of work, enabling companies to build in-process energy pools made up of vetted freelancers and contractors and based on often pressurized information. With the new convenience, Bubty accelerates its mission to revolutionize the way companies manage their flexible workforce worldwide.

The future of flexible working is AI-driven

In summary, Bubty's push to use AI to effortlessly optimize the donor workforce has the potential to significantly impact the way companies and freelancers work together in the future. By consolidating freelance workers into internal talent pools, streamlining the hiring process and automating payments, Bubty's platform could transform the way companies approach relaxed working arrangements.

As the freelance economy continues to grow, the essential sought-after trouper tools to exit the distributed workforce will only increase. Bubty believes difficult information is the key to solving some of the biggest problems for both businesses and freelancers. With the right support and implementation, startups like Bubty can actually drive the development of the flexible workforce industry through innovative AI-powered solutions.

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